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Weight-loss,  Wellness, Weirdness Coach

I grew up as a slim fast kid. My house was filled with Atkins bars and diet culture. I quickly picked up the habit of emotional eating and fad diets. I was in a cycle of restricting and binging. I assumed that, that was my reality forever. Hiding food from my husband and spending hours googling hot new diet (looking at you keto). But then 2bmindset happened and my life changed forever!

I lost 55 pounds without restricting, counting calories or giving up ice cream!

Now I help others do the same through my accountability club, Positive Paradigm!

The invite is there, just say yes!

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As a diet culture dropout I'd never promote anything that makes you count calories, measure out food or restrict food groups! This is all about mindful nutrition and creating a healthy relationship with food, while still becoming your healthiest self. The program is all about you, beautiful! So that you can learn what works for you and what doesn’t. I'll ask you to watch 21 videos from thecreator of the program Ilana. She's a nutrition goddess and registered dietitian Basically this is like getting 10 one on one private sessions with her! Ready for the best part? Working out, extra credit! We can get insane results with just focusing on 2B!

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Positive Paradigm is a virtual 2bmindset specific accountability club! The best way to describe it is COMMUNITY! We are a group of women from all walks of life! Lawyers, artists, servers, doctors, and everything in between with a few things in common.
1.) We want to be the best possible version of ourselves
2.) We appreciate a dad joke or two or three or four.

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"2B had been so amazing!!! What I love the most is that it’s sustainable. I’ve lost weight and kept it off for over a year, and that’s through a move across country, a tough break up, and 2 new jobs. It removes all the food guilt and gave me control. I love Positive Paradigm because of all the amazing people in here. You all are so supportive and it’s a safe place for me to talk. I feel like there’s always someone who can relate to me, validate my feelings, but then give me the support to move past.

Also...I love that PP is positive and uplifting! PP has taken over my life in the best way possible. I love it so much that I had a dream last night and Laurel Hope Hart was in it."

-M. Wisconsin 

"Positive Paradigm has been sooo instrumental in helping me stay accountable and feel supported! It also has really helped normalize the process of weight loss and realize hiccups are normal and expected which is so good to know!"

-D. Ontario, CA

"Alright well 2b has done sooooo much for me! Helping me get rid of my obsessive food habits! I have not had a protein bar as a meal in months! I eat 3 real meals a day, and see more weight loss! Also it has helped me drink water, sounds dumb I know, I used to only drink diet coke. Nothing else!!! Positive Paradigm has given me a sense of accountability that I have never had before! Not to mention a sense of security and safeness to go on this journey."

-S. New York City 

"Who knew three months ago I would be on this amazing journey with 2b! 2b has helped me find food freedom unlike those fad diets from before. I never felt that I was eating enough and always wanted more food and felt guilty to do so. When Laurel Hope Hart extended the offer to join Positive Paradigm, I initially thought oh its going to be like my last group I did and I will stop after a week but she is so sweet and encouraging and so are the ladies in this group."

-B. Virginia

"2b mindset has completely changed my outlook on weight loss and made me have confidence I’ve never had before in my life. Pre 2b I don’t think I had a single picture by myself because I didn’t love myself. Now I want pics taken of me and love having them! Pre 2b I was also losing and gaining the same 10 lb range for about 6 years. This program finally got me out of that funk and made me realize I can do it if I just tweaked my mindset!
 Positive paradigm is the ultimate accountability. If this group didn’t exist, I 100% wouldn’t be nearly as successful as I am with 2b. Having daily check ins, water goals, online workout classes and seeing all of your healthy meals and weight loss keeps me going and inspires me literally every single day. I’m so proud of all of you and I’m lucky to be here!"

K. California 

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